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How Many People Have You Reached Today?

Consider using hot air balloon advertising in your marketing plan and be recognized by millions.

Do you remember the billboard you drove by this morning? Probably not. Your logo or banner on a hot air balloon, however, will make an unforgettable impact. Balloons stand approximately 65 feet tall, dwarfing conventional billboards. A corporate balloon can achieve countless memorable impressions per flight. Corporate balloons are also great attractions at community festivals, sporting events, or concerts.

605 Balloon Ride will work with you to develop and manage a corporate hot air balloon program to maximize exposure and provide a positive corporate image. We offer full-service corporate advertising programs, tailored to maximize exposure for your brand. 

Options include:

  • Standard balloon flights during morning and evening commutes.
  • Tethered static displays on location or at high traffic areas.
  • Tethered glows after dusk, illuminating your logo brightly and creating visibility for miles.
  • Champagne flights for VIPs.
  • Demonstrations at schools, hospitals, churches and community events
  • Exposure at balloon festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

Balloon advertising is widely considered the lowest cost per thousand impressions in comparison to newspaper, outdoor, radio and TV media. A banner on 605 Balloon Ride’s blue and white envelope is the perfect way to get your brand noticed. A large banner is perfect for local companies wanting to increase exposure on a small budget. People will remember your logo and associate it with the excitement they experienced upon encountering our hot air balloon. This mobile billboard can create thousands of impressions per flight! 605 Balloon Ride primarily flies in Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities, but also travels to events in western South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa a few times each year. Our balloon has three white banner areas that are 16 feet tall by 32 feet wide. It is perfect for any logo or brand.

Our banner contracts can be easily customized to fit your needs. In a typical year, you can expect between 30 and 40 hours of flight time exposure. This may be more or less, depending on weather conditions. We cannot guarantee a specific number of flights but will always do our best to fly as often as possible. In 2017, we flew 37 flights of approximately one hour each. From January through July of 2018, we flew 27 flights and are on target to hit 50 hours by the end of this year. Weather greatly impacts our flying, but we see the majority of our flights from June-October, although we do fly year-round.

Hot air balloons are magical. Children, adults, seniors – everyone enjoys seeing a hot air balloon. In fact, Kodak suggests that hot air balloons are easily one of the most photographed subjects on earth.

Join the ranks of ReMax, Hershey’s, Burger King, Cannon, Ocean Spray, General Motors, and Wal-Mart, and start enjoying the positive buzz and brand recognition that only a hot air balloon can deliver!

The 605 Balloon Ride Team can work with you to create successful advertising for your business. We provide the necessary management expertise and support. You determine the schedule and components of your marketing campaign.


  • In-house promotions
  • Trade shows
  • Public relations for key clients or top achievers in your company
  • Client appreciation
  • Employee appreciation
  • Sales: Entertain prospective clients
  • Other corporate functions, such as team building
  • National or international events and festivals (including hot air balloon festivals)

Balloon advertising is surprisingly affordable when you consider the impact it can have on brand awareness and visibility. This unique and flexible advertising medium is one of the best ways to make an impression on potential customers and stand out from the crowd.

We provide a turn-key hot air balloon advertising program, including everything necessary to provide a first-class event presentation that brings your company and brand the desired recognition.